people at the Great Wall in China,
at the Pyramids at Giza and in Mexico,
at the Eiffel Tower in France,
at the Taj Mahal in India,
at Macchu Picchu in Peru,
at the United Nations in the United States,
at the Opera House in Sydney,
in Antarctica at the South Pole,

and in countless homes, offices, places of worship around the globe....

Where will you be when the world unites as ONE VOICE?


uniting the world in reading
the Universal Peace Covenant
at 1 pm CDT on JULY 26th each year
Let us know of your participation

Peace Vigil for 2010

Living Peaceably Begins By Thinking Peacefully –
A Day of Peace In the Dome

Peace Ambassadors Gather for Readings of the Universal Peace Covenant
to usher in the New Year with each time zone.

Universal Hour of Peace

Discover local events throughout the Midwest


as time moves to midnight on December 31st men and women, boys and girls read the powerful words of hope, commitment, and destiny that is the Universal Peace Covenant.


the wave of peace that will move across the face of our world.

This is the meaning of One Voice

How the Universal Peace Covenant ended up at the

South Pole!

Help create a

by reading the
Covenant at midnight, wherever you are,
December 31st

Then write us about your experience

Read about it in the Buffalo Reflex and the Indianapolis Peace & Justice Journal

Those whose individual voices became

One Voice for Peace on October 11 The first synchronized reading of the Universal Peace Covenant included people from every continent on Earth

Experiencing One Voice

What's it like to be a part of a global endeavor? Read people's stories

A Prayer for Peace
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