In a world where war is entertainment, killing is sport, & betrayal is do we make peace?


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Here are the steps that free the mind to contemplate a spiritual concept like peace and enter into what Albert Schweitzer called
"a new mentality."

Sacred Space

Ways to Practice Peace...

Conscious Convergence

Peace Blog

Peace Ambassador Conference

Harmonic Convergence

Venus Transit 2004, 2012

The Power of Prayer around the World

Peacemaking Lessons for all times and ages

on Smiling

What is peace?

Power of Kundalini

Lessons from Great People

Iroquois Confederation of Peace

Lesson from an Octagenarian

Essay from a 12-year-old

Living Peaceably begins by Thinking Peacefully

Journey to the Peace Dome - Paz's Story

Tao Te Ching "has has opened my heart and mind to the peace and stillness of Universal Truth."
- E.S. – teacher, English as a Second Language
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